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Voice ID 22090601

I have been working as a voice professional for more than 15 years. I joined the first radio station at the age of 16. Since then, I have naturally switched to several radio stations, from small regional ones to national ones. I graduated in law , but I was always more interested in the microphone than the paragraphs, so I chose a career as a voice professional. In addition to radio broadcasting, I lend my voice to podcasts, audiobooks, commercials. I moderate events, fashion shows and festivals. Since 2017, I have moderated and dramaturgically prepared a TV show on TV Stream. Now I work in marketing as a copywriter and content manager, work on the radio, produce and process audiovisual works for clients and also offer professional consultations in the field of radio broadcasting and audiovisual production.

Voice style young adult, adult, senior
Voice timbre deep, normal
Languages Czech (native)