About us

We have been choosing and casting voices of professionals and amateurs into audio-visual projects of various kinds for more than 10 years. We provide not only voiceovers but also comprehensive implementation of audio-visual projects tailored to our clients’ needs. Our completed projects can be seen daily on television, on the radio, on the Internet, in apps, on telephone switchboards or music media, simply all around us! 

Why Voice-Base.com?

4 main reasons why we are trusted by many top brands for more than 10 years

1. Experience & Expertise

Our voice over artists are the top choice for commercials of local and world brands. We can do voice overs in many languages for various projects for you:

  • commercials
  • radio jingles
  • Internet videos
  • explainer videos
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • documetaries
  • corporate videos
  • apps
  • navigation and calling-out systems
  • movies
  • audiobooks
  • podcasts
  • toys
  • games
… everything you could think of!
ikona 1. Experience & Expertise
“We have been casting unique voices for your projects for more than 10 years.
Check out our projects!

2. The best choice

Voice-Base.com is the best database of unique voices in Czechia and Slovakia. Our biggest advantage is our comprehensive and always updated database of voice actors, speakers and other artists who provide their voices for various types of projects.

When selecting a voice, you can use our smart filter and create your own selection by adding voices to your favourites and then share it with your colleagues. Everything is online, quick, easy and for free!

Voice-Base.com offers you a wide range of voice over styles, accents and languages:

  • children and seniors,
  • Czech and foreign voices,
  • professional and amateur voices,
  • celebrities’ voices,


  • voices of top professional voice actors,
  • unusual and distinctive voices,
  • original voices of undiscovered voice talents
ikona 2. The best choice
“The best voice database, advanced search and everything is for free.“
Find the perfect voice for your project!

3. Fullservice (not only voices)

We will be pleased to provide you with the complete audio-visual production of your project tailored to your needs. Our professional team will be there for you during the whole process of selecting a voice, recording and during all of the other needed steps. The team will answer all of your questions and will take care of everything, so your project can be successfully completed.

In addition to taking care of the voice over, we can also fully manage audio-visual production and post production:

  • consultation of your goals,
  • editing of the script and dialogues,
  • translation from the original video or text (including texts full of technical terms),
  • casting (including celebrities’ voices),
  • audio and video production,
  • video cut and edit,
  • audio cut, sound effects,
  • background music, noises and jingles
  • post production services,
  • audio and video mix,
  • subtitles,
  • international audio tapes,
  • exports to output formats,
  • mastering (TV mastering),
  • publishing and distribution services
ikona 3. Fullservice (not only voices)
“Not only voices, but all audio-visual services or the complete project.“

4. Quality Assurance & Reliability

We are a reliable partner and provider of any of your audio visual project. We are a dynamic team of professionals and we are ready to assist you with the successful realization of your project. Our services were used by top production companies, creative studios, video-production agencies and advertising agencies.

Why Voice-Base.com?

  • individual and professional approach,
  • high quality assurance,
  • reliability,


  • we beat your deadlines
  • full service
ikona 4. Quality Assurance & Reliability
“We are experienced professionals and we can take care of any project.“
We love working with the best brands!