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We put together answers to your frequently asked questions.

We will do a voice over for any legal project – it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial, corporate video, product or promo video, documentary, IVR, video tutorial, e-learning, app or audiobook.
We don’t have a price list as there are too many factors that affect the final price. We always quote our clients based on the specific project and requirements. Thanks to this, you’ll only pay for what you really need.
It’s so simple! Just choose a voice from Voice-Base.com after that, submit a form and let us know the details of your project. The form will guide you. Once you submit the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, if you’re still a bit lost, just call us or write us an-email.
That’s not a problem at all! The entire process of making your project coming to life can be done 100 % remotely – from signing the agreement, choosing the voice, recording session to delivering the final work to you. Our professional team will take care of everything.
Absolutely not, our production team is there for you and will supervise during the recording session. That’s why we can do this 100 % remotely.
We start working on a quote right away, once we have all needed details and materials to your project. The more information and materials you provide, the better. Contact us today!
The final price is affected by many factors. It is affected by the chosen voice actor, length of the text, the usage and the license but also by the format that you need your work in or by the deadline. Contact us with your project today and we will be happy to send you a quote!
License is a must for any project and we’ll happily help you with selecting the right one for you. You need to know where will you use the project with the voice over provided by us – just in your country, in Europe or in the whole world? Will the project be public or used only internally, on what channels will you use the project – on the Internet, in TV, radio, at a public event, inside a company or somewhere else? For how long will you be using the project? One year, five years, ten years or longer? Write us or call us and let’s talk!
Sure, if you already hear the perfect voice try using our filter. It will help you listen to voice in specific categories. If you are not able to choose, use the service of voice casting and our team will choose the perfect voice for you.
Sure, that’s what the service of voice casting is for. Specify the details or ideally, send us an example of the voice you’d like. Our professional production team will take care of the casting and find the perfect voice for your project.
The expiration date of your license can be easily found by the project in your client’s profile. You don’t have to worry about the expiration of the license at all as we keep an eye on it for you. We will notify you just in time. If you’d like to prolong your license, contact our team.
The average turn around time is about 3-5 working days, depending on the extent of the project and availability of our voice-actors.
We can provide our service in express turn around time or within the following working day. The additional charge for express delivery depends on the extent of the project, availability of our voice actors, availability of the recording studio and provided materials for the project.
Yes, with long-term projects, we arrange a framework cooperation with the chosen voice-actor. Thanks to that we can guarantee that you will have the same voice for the whole project.
Yes, we can present your project to Czech voice actors and actors and arrange a possible cooperation with them.
Sure, just order the service of voice casting and our experienced team will cast few voices which are available and will check all your boxes. You’ll just make the final choice!
Yes, Voice-Base.com offers many foreign voice talents including professional native speakers. If you can’t choose among the native speakers, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to find the perfect native speaker for you.
Of course, just let us know in what language are you planning your project in and we'll find the perfect professional native speaker for you.
In order to start working on a project, we need to know the extent of your project and all final materials. We need to know the length of the text, what type of voice over you need, in what format you need the work, for how long and on what channels will you use the project. If anything’s missing, our team will let you know and help you with everything.
Sure, we can provide you a short sample of the voice over. We will then record the final version based on the sample that you’ll like.
In case you have a specific idea about the final voice over, we’ll gladly organize the presence of your director during the recording session in our professional recording studio in Prague. However, this can be organized only with our Prague-based voice talents. With our voice talents based outside of Prague, we can discuss possible options or organize an online session.
Prolonging the license is nothing unusual. Just get in touch with our production team that will get everything ready for you.
Extending the license is no problem. Just write us or call us and we will get it ready for you.
We will always notify you about the approaching expiration date. That’s why your license will always be in order while using the project. However, if there’s a situation that you refused prolonging the license and need to use the project again, just contact us and we’ll prolong the license for you.
We differentiate between simultaneous and synchronous voice overs. Lips-sync and time-sync are sychnronous voice overs. Simultaneous voice over is basically translation. The new voice is played over the original voice which is a bit muted. Lip-sync is the usual voice acting that we all know. The voice actor must be 100 % in sync with the video and moving lips of the actor on the screen. The voice of the voice actor is time-synced to the original voice. Time-sync is very similar, the voice actor must follow the time and during the recording session the video is not necessarily needed.
Yes, we can manage everything needed – from the script, storyboard, shooting to post production. Contact us with the details of your project!
Yes, we can either compose an original soundtrack or choose the one from audio banks which cover a wide spectrum of music genres. Contact us!
We’ll gladly take care of the translation, you don’t have to care about anything. We can translate the text provided by you, technical texts. If you don’t have a script, we can make the translation from the original video. We will then make a correction of the translated text and synchronize it with the video.
Yes, we make professional subtitles for various projects. We’ll manage everything from the translation, correction, making the subtitltes, to adding them to the video itself. Contact us and our production team will get in touch with you.
Yes, mainly videos without sound or with sound in foreign language. But also videos with sound played in public where the environment may be a bit loud. Specific category are videos meant for social media due to the possibility of muting the video.
It depends on what you need. We can add the subtitles right into a video or send them to you separately in format of your choice.
Yes. We make a client’s profile for all of our clients with their first project, and all that for free. In your profile, you can find all the completed projects, information about license expiration, links to download completed projects and much more! Log into your client’s profile here.
You can log into the client’s profile here.
Your login details were sent to the e-mail of the contact person of the first project. If you forgot them, no worries. Just let us know and we'll send new login details to you.
If you forgot your username, just contact us. Don’t forget to tell us the name of the company, so we can easily find you.
If you forgot your password, just click the button Forgot password? on the login page. You’ll receive a link to generate new password in your e-mail. If you still don’t know what to do, just call us or write us.
All your projects are listed in your client’s profile. Link to download the files is available for 3 months after closing the project. If you need to download it again, contact us.
Using Voice-Base.com is for free, without any limitations. Listen to as many voice samples as you’d like. Filter voices that you’re looking for and make your own selection.
Contact us via e-mail production@voice-base.com.

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