Photo voice no.21102801

Voice ID 21102801

I´ve always been attracted by the cultural environment. Since I was young I have loved cinema, films and literature. So when the opportunity arose at the age of 21, I threw myself into gaining experience in the filmmaking profession. At that time, I was already active in the literary field, which helped me to get into the industry by winning various competitions. First to the film I Wake Up Yesterday, and later to other projects. Since 2015 I started with my own production, primarily documentary films, which later also attracted the interest of television. In these videos, I took the position of a documentary narrator myself to save as much as possible. I made contacts with people in the dubbing industry and incorporated their advice into my practice. Thanks to this, I became part of the programmes that were filmed directly for TV Kino Svět or TV JOJ. Still, I consider myself an amateur in this business. I have never studied dubbing or anything like it. The colour of the voice, the variations of the voice presentation during the filming, all this I choose based on my (thank God) musical ear. I don´t record on the first take, I play with the speech until I´m happy with the result myself. But I never call the result professional, because for me professionals are my role models. As for the social approach, I fully respect the authorities in the field and try to meet their demands. I am open to suggestions and advice from others, after all, if it weren´t for them, I wouldn´t have made it to so many interesting collaborations in my career.

Voice style senior
Voice timbre deep, normal
Languages Czech (native)