Photo voice no.21102003

Voice ID 21102003

A good voiceover artist is much like a good whisky. He only gets better with age. This one has his origin in the turfy highlands of Transsilvania and aged 21 years in a Bavarian wheatbeer barrell. He shelters an ancient soul in a juvenile body. The first giveaway is his deep and smoky velvet voice. Looking closer, more evidence completes the picture: he loves whisky, jazz, his wife and his two children – though not necessarily in that order. When recording studios all over the world point their spotlight toward the sky in desperate need for a real voice actor, he vaults into his “Patmobile” and is ready to go. He’s the man who guarantees to please (the booking ladies). A stable structure on which you can build your film on – sometimes warm, friendly and familiar, and sometimes cooler than a bucket full of frozen cat piss. That’s not coming from him, but these quotes come from the proverbial horse’s mouth of verified clients such as: Gösser, A1, Mc Donald’s, Samsung, Constantin Film or OMV. You’ll have to find out for yourself whether all the ‘start-ups’ were mistaken.

Voice style adult, senior
Voice timbre deep
Languages German (native), Romanian, English , Italian