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Voice ID 21071501

I grew up in the French Alps and as a teenager I always thought it would be great to one day have my voice breath life into a video game or animation character. Then in 2016 I got an opportunity to record a voice over for a company video, and from then on I worked on improving my skills and increasing my customer base. Today I´ve worked on dozens of projects ranging from dead serious e-learnings or corporate content, to energetic commercials and crazy characters! Acting/character jobs are still my favorite, but I also enjoy delivering that trustworthy, inspiring yet warm and friendly tone so many corporate clients love, or that young, passionate performance that makes commercials irresistible. In French - my mother tongue - or in English, with a neutral/international accent or that typical French accent that decidedly never seem to lose its appeal!

Voice style young adult, adult
Voice timbre normal
Languages French (native), English